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Join our small team of kind and talented people.

We are a Series B startup backed by top investors including Amplify Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, ICONIQ Growth, and Y Combinator. Angel investors include the cofounders of Datadog, Okta, Segment, and Clearbit. Some of our customers include Autotrader, Plaid, Blend, Retool, Ramp, Imperfect Foods and CircleCI.

Our founders were early employees of Segment where they learned about the problem space. At Segment, they were also introduced to the importance of the data warehouse, and to the many use cases that data could solve for all business teams.

We're proud to serve the most amazing companies out there

Our Values

We want to make sure you're happy to come to work and proud of what we achieve together.

Forever hungry

We are hungry and ambitious. We celebrate our accomplishments, but we’re never fully satisfied. We’re always figuring out how to collectively push ourselves further and do more.

If we think we can grow the company 5x this year, the first question should be “why not 10x?”.

Efficient execution

Speed matters. We don’t have time for endless deliberation– most decisions are two-way doors. Move fast, adapt quickly.

We take inspiration from others and don’t innovate where we don’t need to. We communicate clearly because time is precious. We parallelize to the greatest extent possible.

Impact driven

Everyone should be intrinsically motivated by business impact. We minimize distractions and prioritize our time based on what’s actually impactful to the business.

We value people at all levels based on their impact above anything else.

Raising the bar

We have high expectations for performance and believe in having exceptional talent in every position. We understand the value of great people. We look deeper than credentials, prioritize slope over y-intercept, and put in the hard work to find those that truly raise the bar.


We are humble. Listening is mission critical— we are open to others’ perspectives and ideas. No work is beneath us. We also believe that humility leads to foresight. If we are not grounded and open minded, we blind ourselves from key opportunities and risks in every aspect of business.


We want to create an environment where people feel actively welcomed, encouraged, and supported. People who aren’t kind aren’t tolerated— it’s just not worth it.

We intrinsically believe in a deeper kindness as a core value, aside from its obvious benefits to the business.


We listen to everyone and try to put ourselves in their shoes, regardless of our initial reaction to what they say. This applies to everyone– customers, prospects, partners, peers, etc.


We organize regular offsites to reset our minds and strengthen our team spirit.

In Mission Dolores during a San Francisco onsite

Team offsite in San Diego

Riding the waves in San Francisco


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Remote friendly

Work from anywhere you want. We'll also fly you in for local offsites.

Unlimited PTO

Take as much time as you need to feel rested and energized for work.

Competitive salary

We offer competitive salary and meaningful equity. We also offer 401k for our US employees.


Healthcare, dental and vision – we got it covered for you and your dependents.

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Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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