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Hightouch encourages engineering best practices by bi-directionally syncing all configuration changes with git.

Version Control

Maintain control of your Syncs

We git it: your data integrations are as valuable as production code, and without the power of git behind you, you’re running a high-risk game. We also know that you hate clicking the mouse as much as we do, so we built a bi-directional Git Sync with support for creating and updating models and syncs straight from the command line.

Version control features:

  • Bi-directional updates:Every time you update a Sync, a commit or PR is made in your git repo. When you update configurations from your CLI, your commits will update the Hightouch as well.

  • Based on git protocol:We connect with the services you already use such as Github and Bitbucket.

  • Deep observability:See all edits & roll back unintended changes immediately. You can require PRs to ensure all changes get approved.

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Integrate with the rest of your data platform

The Hightouch Git Integration brings all the great features of Git to your Reverse ETL Workflows. It’s just one step closer to bringing some of the powerful learnings from software development and DevOps to data.

Git Sync is super valuable to me because everything we're doing across our entire data platform revolves around Git."

Rachel Bradley-Haas

Rachel Bradley-Haas

Co-Founder, Big Time Data

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Have peace of mind

With Hightouch, you’ll get everything else Git enables: the ability to perform CI checks, automated releases, pull-requests and reviews, and more.

It feels good knowing that if we accidentally make a change through the UI, we can roll it back. We can find the point in time when things were working the way they should be and get back there"

Erik Edelmann

Erik Edelmann

Sr Analytics Engineer, Vendr

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Sense of security

This integration enables you to implement the same best practices you use for your production code in the context of data integration.

Git Sync adds a sense of security. Now. our syncs and models are no longer one bad decision away from being wiped out"

Antoine Meunier

Antoine Meunier

Head of Customer Experience, Grain

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See Git Sync in Action

Ready to Git started?

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